Because we love clean coffee and we know you will too. Certified organic coffee has no synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers.

Infusi has come alive from a passion for enjoying wonderful coffee without nasty synthetic pesticides. At Infusi, we provide 100% certified organic Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules, as well as coffee beans and ground coffee for you and your health.

Infusi is 100% Australian owned. All our coffee is roasted and packed in Australia using an award winning coffee roaster.

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I love coffee, but not any coffee. I care about my health and as conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world, steeped in synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, I will not touch it.

Not only does our environment suffer from this overload but so do the people that live in it and drink it. This is why you won’t find any conventional coffee in my range, only certified organic coffee. I would not drink conventional coffee and certainly wouldn’t offer it to my customers.

Casey DiCarlo - Director


Our coffee capsules are made from 100% plant based materials, lids and all. Completely aluminium free.

They are also hermetically sealed, providing a complete oxygen barrier for the coffee, removing the need for external packaging. This reduces environmental waste as no overwrap is required to protect the coffee. All of our coffee is Certified Organic, from varying origins, with differing strengths which gives you a wide range of choice.

‘Our capsules need to be composted industrially, rather than in a home compost. As our capsules are certified to the Australian standard, if your council accepts food waste in their green bins or is part of the FOGO program or if you live in Adelaide or Hobart, you can throw our capsules wholly in the bin and they will be composted.

If your local council does not accept food waste, our capsules can be placed in with your regular rubbish and it will biodegrade.

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